I have always been interested in gaming and as a teenager I would play Call of Duty with my brothers and put a fair few hours into The Sims on the PC. Finding my own way into a much larger gaming world was difficult. I didn’t have the courage to purchase a console, or delve deeper into the world of online gaming, as never thought I would be good enough. When you haven’t had gaming as part of your daily routine, those muscle memory reflexes that most gamers take for granted, just don’t exist and picking up a new game can feel daunting.

The kind of games that usually fill me with waves of anxiety just by looking at the button layouts.

My husband Chris Shutts has always been a massive gamer (it wasn’t long after we first met that I lost him for week to the release of GTA V). I always enjoyed watching him when he played, and listened while he talked about games which were coming out. We would enjoy evenings playing couch co-op games together and he introduced me to games such as Terraria & Unravel Two.

Although these games were great fun, I was still eager to learn how to play the fast paced, action packed, titles. The kind of games that usually fill me with waves of anxiety just by looking at the button layouts.

We both decided to invest into a second PS4 for our home. This would mean less fighting between the kids (and Shutts) over the main console, but it would also give me a chance to play more games from the comfort of my bedroom.

Shutts had an idea to introduce me to the world of first person shooter with Boarderlands 2. The cooperative Player vs Environment (PVE) format, mixed with the inability to lose any progress through death, made this the perfect starting point to my new gaming journey.

Choosing the character I opted for Gaige the Mecromancer. She has ability to summon a kick ass robot called “Deathtrap”, somehow me and Shutts ended up calling her “Tiffany”. The game has an interesting mechanic, if you are downed by an enemy you have a short amount of time to kill your enemy from your position on the ground. If you succeed, you gain a second wind which allows you to get back up and carry on fighting. Even if you do die, you re-spawn at the closest checkpoint and any damage you have caused to your enemies is not lost.  

Starting the game we were guided by a robot called Claptrap (he is so cute) and acted as an easy to follow guide into the game. At first I struggled to aim while moving and I was a bit harsh on the controller’s analogue sticks, Shutts suggested to turn down the sensitivity which definitely helped.

As you start levelling up you’ll find certain guns suit you better and equipping shields and mods you find along the way help you progress. When completing challenges you also get Bad Ass Tokens to redeem for better shield, gun accuracy, reload speed etc stats. 

If your a newbie to gaming I would highly recommend Boarderlands 2 as a starting point. If you have someone to play with, definitely team up. You can play co-op online or local split-screen.That way, if your struggling you will have someone covering or guiding you through the missions. 

I really do love this game and it’s certainly got me hooked into gaming and can’t wait to try more games form similar genres. 

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Girl Gamer and Shutts' Wife! Top games include Borderlands 2, Unravel Two and The Sims

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    Well done baby! Such an awesome article!

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    Great review April 💜

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    I can’t wait to try this!

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      Such a great game, especially if you are new to First Person Shooters. When you get the game, let us know and we can give you a hand.




    This is a brilliant review, hats off to you! 😊

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    I enjoyed the review but honestly I’m getting really tired of this whole ‘girl gamer’ thing. Why is the gender of the reviewer relevant? So relevant apparently that it’s been included in the main title of the review! There are plenty of us out there – there’s literally no reason that we need to differentiate ourselves in this way. When was the last time your saw a review where they mentioned they were a ‘boy gamer’? PSOGG can we stop perpetuating this kind of language and make this community a space where our gender/race/sexuality etc is irrelevant – it’s 2019!