From the studio that brought you The Witcher 3, comes Cyberpunk 2077, a first person shooter RPG, set in the world originally created by Mike Pondsmith, CB2077 is set fifty years after the pen and paper game made in the 80’s.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopian futuristic game set in the mega sized metropolis called Night City, developers CDProjektRed have promised a game ‘four times bigger’ than the Witcher 3, in terms of map size, quests and story. So far very little remains in detail of game release, but plenty of detail has been put out about the games player choice, consequences, character customization, and ground breaking technology.

So far CDPR has confirmed that the character creation suite will allow you to change appearance, clothing, tattoos, cybernetics, character backstory, life events and traits all of which affect the games story.

In the way that the Witcher 3 revolutionized game consequence scenarios, Cyberpunk 2077 aims to shatter this ideal, with the developer confirming that this game will see the end of the straight up scripted conversations a la Skyrim where repeating conversations take place, CDPR stated that conversations will be ‘reactive’ to the player, even looking in the wrong direction will cause the NPC’s to change their behaviour, or even changing your approach to how conversations are held by pulling guns on other characters to change the course of the related quest.

Aside from the comments made, a forty eight minute video was released last year with an in production teaser made public, introducing fans to a snippet of gameplay, which looks phenomenal so far despite being in production. Production which has been on going since its announcement in 2012.

The graphics and open world look insane. Boasting a map size four times bigger than the games predecessor, both horizontally and vertically, with many buildings to explore with Judge Dredd style mega buildings with entire communities living inside them.

One big change is the decision to move from third person to first person perspective so that the player can enjoy a more immersive experience. Check out the video to see this amazing game in production. A game that could potentially change open world gaming, and be another bench mark for games to come.

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