Bend Studios new survival horror open world RPG is set to release soon, with the developers setting their hopes high on a good reception.

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The world of Days Gone is set after the fallout of a zombie apocalypse, with the main protagonist Deacon St. John doing what he can to survive, with the help of an old friend.  The world appears to be harsh and unforgiving judging by the many gameplay teasers shown online.  You explore at your leisure on foot or by bike, your bike being essential kit for survival, as a means of storage and crafting opportunities, the bike itself being customizable too.  Featuring vast woodlands and snow areas followed by barren desert – Days Gone’s world is set in the high forest of New Orleans, meaning drastic weather changing conditions are common place.

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Reports online suggest minimal character customization but the opportunity to create and craft many weapons and bodge job explosives, using whatever you can find in the world.  The developers have stated that the game and world is designed to be hard, challenging but very rewarding, all the while the story depth and mystery surrounding Days Gone gradually fades in.

Main features set to include looting for gun parts, vehicle enhancements, finding and destroying ‘freaker’ nests, building relationships with survivor communities, bounty contracts, treasure hunts, map finding, challenges and much much more, Days gone was originally stated for February release but now pushed back to April 26th 2019, only on PS4.

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