Ubisoft’s first real effort to dive into full RPG transition pays off as you are plunged into the exciting world of ancient Egypt.

Assassin's Creed Origins Review

You play as Bayek, a protector of the people and a husband and father, when your son is killed you inevitably search for the killer and the truth, uncovering deep secrets to the origins of the Order of Ancients on your path to victory.  Bayek is a great warrior, and Ubisoft have really excelled in their effort to make him seem strong, agile and fierce.  With new customization options different to the usual Assassins Creed games, this really opens up the play styles of different gamers.

Every location on the map is fully explorable and detailed, with life happening all around

The open world is stunning, with painful attention to detail, the developers have focused massively on authenticity to Egypt, with Ubisoft even claiming that you can use the game to successfully navigate through the Pyramid of Giza.  Every location on the map is fully explorable and detailed, with life happening all around.  The immersion is excellent. As the game was released before their newest effort: Odyssey, there is not the full consequence system and newest features, but the stepping stones are made.

The story is a linear storyline and there is not the chance for multiple endings and scenarios, but it does not need it.  The story is great, full of twists and turns and heart wrenching moments as you scour Egypt for the ones that hurt you and your family.  Character customization is pretty good with Origins, allowing you to select multiple weapons and armour, even allowing you to change his hair and beard.

Sadly, Ubisoft seem to make the same mistakes when it comes to quest design and variation, some quests can be repetitive, with the usual fetch quest or kill a target, personally i found it great and it did not bore me to that end.  The game comes with two DLC’s, one of which dives into the Egypt spiritual underworld, which is a major milestone for Ubisoft, going away from historical accuracy, more into legend territory.  It worked beautifully.

As a stand out game in the franchise and a marked improvement from an otherwise stale formula, Origins steps up to take Assassins Creed in a new direction.


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The good
  • Great story
  • Excellent open world
  • Stunning graphics
  • Good customization
The bad
  • Repetitive quests
  • Texture lags
  • Game length
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