I have always been a massive fan of the Call of Duty games since my first ever one, which was ‘Big Red One’ can you guess which year this was without google?

The main talking point for me prior to purchasing the game was there is no single player campaign, this was in fact the reason why I waited until Christmas to actually play it. I was always a fan of completing the campaign for the PlayStation trophies. I’m not even certain how to even review this game as the solo campaign is gone. Should I be reducing points because one of the main parts of the series is no longer incorporated in this game? I will however review the game based on what’s included rather than what isn’t and that will be Blackout mode.

Blackout Battle Royale Mode

At first I was not a fan of the idea of a ‘Blackout’ mode and many of the forums I read through had the same thoughts. I come from a background where I have never played Fortnite/PUBG so the battle royal mode was new to me. The map is huge, bigger than Fortnite I have been led to believe which in game play it would take a player 7-9 mins to run from one end of the map to the other, of course, trying this without being mowed over by an ATV or truck or even sniped from the many vantage points and high buildings would prove difficult. 

You can play as solo, duos and quads with up to 100 people being in the game. They also add a further quad mode with certain updates. Previously they had down and out, which gave you a chance to respawn if you died early on albeit with only a handgun on redeployment . The most recent additional quad game mode is all about Snipers, loot is only knives and sniper weapons, the circle comes in quicker and games are generally shorter than normal quads. 

The first thing you need to decide after choosing which Blackout game mode is where to land. There are obviously the big areas like Construction, Hydro, Fracking Tower and of course the popular Nuke town but it’s important to know that every piece of loot within Blackout is distributed at random so even if you land at these bigger places the smaller places may also have the opportunity to snag decent loot too. This mean for solo’s if you want to loot up and then take the fight to them the smaller places outside of the mentioned previously maybe better. I find right of Rivertown on the other side of the bridge a good place to start. There’s 6 buildings to loot plus an ATV to go North or South after. If you like to do ‘danger drops’ then head to Hijacked, Firing Range, Cargo Docks or Array to be sure of some quick kills. It’s worth noting having a decent headset can actually give you an advantage with being able to hear footsteps clearly, also hearing the true direction of ATV/trucks and boats. You can also find many helicopters at the bigger places so you can loot up then take to the sky, if your playing in full squad its worthwhile one of you having a rocket launcher.

The weapons are decent too, from quick firing hand guns to overly powerful sniper rifles. Ideally when playing you want a gun that you can take someone out over a distance and also one for the in your face fire fights. My preferred layout is SWAT with ABR 223 or Rampart/KN-57 with Spitfire or VAPR. Maddox is a strong easy to use gun and from reading other reviews its one of the best assault rifles on each of the list’s I have read. Personally I’ve never been a fan of sniper rifles, I just cannot get on with them but my friends all bang on about Outlaw because it has the highest fire rate and very high damage. It’s worth noting, the MOG shotgun and the SG12 are capable of killing some one in 2-3 hits, so if you drop to one of these its worthwhile picking it up in case someone is nearby. Sometimes you get lucky and rather than adding all the attachments through looting you may find a tactical weapon. Finding these will save you time, but as previously mentioned there is no telling of where these will be. There is always one in Fracking Tower, you have to open the gates then jump down but this is also a popular place so you will have to make sure you drop is quicker than you opponent. 

*Please check this article full information on the weapons.

To be honest I didn’t think I would enjoy it so much, well I enjoy quads with my friends not the solo matches so much. It would be good to see perhaps a mixture of the old maps combined into one huge map of the best levels on the previous Call of Duties, well that’s my wish anyway. I look forward to expansion and further game mode updates.


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The good
  • Great Graphics

  • Huge Map

  • Great Weapon Choices

The bad
  • Being Killed by ATVs

  • Trip Mines

  • Danger Drops

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