Ubisoft brings a post apocalyptic world to life, with splashes of colour and a nostalgic setting, that seasoned players and newcomers to the series will most definitely enjoy.

Far Cry New Dawn Review

For an in depth read of our initial thoughts of Far Cry New Dawn, check out our official First Look Post. For those of you who are just looking for a summary, please read on.

Ubisoft have given their audience a chance to continue the adventure from the events of Far Cry 5. In a step away from their usual format, Ubisoft have opted to create an exciting and compelling sequel, in which our main protagonist can revisit Hope County, 17 years after a global nuclear catastrophe forced its surviving inhabitants deep underground. It seems Joseph Seed was right all along.

Far Cry New Dawn Review

The first thing we noted was Ubisoft’s reimagining of a post apocalyptic world. It was not the usual brown and barren wasteland we have seen before in other games in the same setting. Instead, we were instead greeted with a rich and vibrant landscape of colour and foliage. While mankind cowered in darkness underground, nature regained control and thrived. Brightly coloured foliage grows on every surface, even into the hides of thicker skinned animals.

Any surface unclaimed by nature has instead been marked by the Highwaymen in the form of neon graffiti, presumably marking their territory. This means there is colour as far as the eye can see and it is truly breathtaking. This, when combined with the fantastic photo mode built into the game, means you can spend hours just taking photos.

In New Dawn, not every enemy and weapon are created equal, which is a huge change from Far Cry 5. Each enemy and weapon are now ranked 1-3, or Elite. The higher the level of the enemy, the harder it is to hurt them, especially if your weapon has a lower rank than they do. You can tell an enemy’s rank at a distance simply by looking at them: You’ll see their segmented health bars, a coloured icon with their rank number in roman numerals and a little gold crown icon if they are an Elite level. Your weapons have ranks, too, which determine how effective they are against the rank of your enemies. This really added a new depth to the game.

Far Cry New Dawn Review

For those who have wandered these lands before in Far Cry 5, there is a side quest to revisit notable locations from the previous game. There are also notes mentioning characters and events from our previous experience on this terrain adding to the lore that surrounds the two games. Many characters from the previous game have survived and we even get a chance to meet (a now mellow) Joseph Seed. This again added to the nostalgic feeling that really appealed to me as a player.

Traveling is slower than previous versions that share the Far Cry title, vehicles are scarce, which seems right for the setting. With fast travel being an unlockable feature, you are forced to walk through the beautiful and vibrant landscape. There is so much going on in the world that surrounds you, walking is the most rewarding (although time consuming) way to reach your next destination.

Far Cry New Dawn

The main antagonists in Far Cry New Dawn – siblings Mickey and Lou are the twin daughters the Highwaymen founder. Although the interactions with these characters were action packed and cinematic, I didn’t feel anything major towards them. My indifference towards the psychopath twins, created an anti-climatic battle near the end of the game.

Far Cry New Dawn Review

The addition of expeditions has been a much welcomed feature. Although a string of simple smash and grab missions with endless waves of enemies, the settings are fantastic. Sneaking through the debris of the fallen International Space Station or letting charging in, guns blazing through a derelict nuclear power plant added an interesting and rewarding element to the game.

Yes, the map is the same as before, but it’s been reimagined in an almost nostalgic way

With previous titles of Far Cry, it didn’t take long to feel overpowered. New Dawn wasn’t much different in this respect. After the halfway point of my journey, being clever in my approach didn’t seem to matter. By the time I had unlocked the Elite weapons class, even the higher ranked enemies were no longer a threat.

Far Cry New Dawn Review

Many critics have claimed that New Dawn is just a recycled copy of Far Cry 5. This is an unfair representation of what, in my opinion, was a thoroughly entertaining game with exciting new mechanics. Yes, the map is the same as before, but it’s been reimagined in an almost nostalgic way, and for the current price tag of £35.99, nobody should be complaining.


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The good
  • Beautiful open world
  • Deeply nostalgic locations & characters
  • Stunning graphics
  • Fantastic photo mode
  • Lots to keep you entertained
The bad
  • Uninspired antagonists
  • Repetitive missions
  • End game is too easy
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