Prior to playing Firewall I rarely dipped my toe into the online world; however, the Firewall community has shown me just how rewarding multiplayer games can be.

Firewall Zero Hour Review

Whilst there is no escaping the odd obnoxious child or occasional oddball there are numerous friendly, helpful players who will happily show you the ropes and lend you some ammo. I’ve made more online friends playing Firewall than I have every other game combined. It’s this community that has kept me returning to this title month after month.

The maps are diverse – one round you’re in a UK dockyard the next a middle-eastern hotel

The premise is simple, in teams of four you attack or defend either against AI or other teams of 4 (PVP). When attacking, you need to locate the firewall before hacking into their computer (disabling signal-jammers when necessary). When defending it’s up to you to defend the firewall and laptop. The maps are diverse – one round you’re in a UK dockyard the next a middle-eastern hotel. One new map has been released since launch (and it’s stunning!) but more are definitely required if this game is to sustain it’s community. Contractors (your character) are equally diverse and skills and weapons are customisable as you progress up the levels – there are some solid female characters too which is always a bonus.

Patience is a virtue with Firewall, long waits in lobbies are frustrating – particularly when rounds are short but if you’ve built up a friendly team then you can generally fill the time without too many awkward silences! Glitches are numerous and can be frustrating, if not a little humorous, at times – if you’re willing to laugh/shrug them off when necessary then they don’t detract too much from the game play.

Playing a First Person Shooter in VR has been a game changer for me. Blind firing around corners, intuitive aiming, crouching, looking behind you without losing aim, the feedback you get when your rifle contacts a wall – so satisfying! This combined with the online community make it a real winner for me. It’s such an incredibly immersive experience and one that I wholeheartedly recommend. Yes it’s glitchy and yes there are plenty of things I’d change but honestly I defy anyone to not enjoy this experience! Considering this is one of the first generation of PSVR FPS games then I’m so excited to see what the future holds for this genre.


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Overall rating

The good
  • Great online community
  • An excellent VR FPS experience
  • Diverse maps and characters (contractors)
The bad
  • Numerous bugs
  • Long waits in lobbies
  • When the host leaves the game cuts out
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