Rockstars premium title, initially released on PS3 (before crossing over to the PS4), brought the gaming industry to heel. Years later it’s still one of the biggest selling games of a generation.

Although released on ps4 during the consoles first batch of sales, GTA V still holds a crooked crown to display just how immense this game is.  People are still finding secrets, new ways to play and not to mention the online capability is mega, despite the huge controversy over microtransactions.  Compared to the previous titles where you play one protagonist, this time they introduced three, interchangeable throughout the game, including on missions.  The story is incredibly done as is the case with most Rockstar games. You play as Franklin, Michael and Trevor (the insane one) which all have their own story arc as well as an intertwining story.

You start off on a botched robbery in which an unknown character dies, which then sets the precedent for the games main storyline,  you are quickly thrown into the world to get on with it without too much cutscene, Franklin is the starter character and soon you develop with the others.

With typical Rockstar fashion, the open world city of Los Santos is incredible, and still is five plus years later, huge detail and life in every corner, with the usual GTA charm.  Main missions and side missions, deep customization for clothes, tattoos, cars, guns and many side activities such as tennis, fitness challenges and races this game really has it all.

GTA V Review

Although the game length does not compare with more recent titles the quality is still very much there, and can easily rival any game by today’s standards.  The online version came soon after and has been the company’s biggest success yet, as said previously the microtransactions are aplenty and causes much fuss amongst the gaming community even now, but it never slowed Rockstar down one bit.  There are endless free DLC’s available patched in as soon as they become operational.  There is so no end to races, battle royale modes, adversary modes, deathmatches, arm wrestling, capture missions and characters that appeared in the game can give you contact missions.  Many new freemode activities have also been placed to earn you cash, you can set up nightclubs, dodgy warehouses, CEO fronted dummy-corps companies to earn extra as well.

As much as the content is unlimited, it comes with a price, these days there are too many whacky features on this game that its turned into a Saints Row copy of itself, funny how things play out.  That being said this game was an important milestone for games to come. Virtually every game developer has taken influence from GTA and it will never stop.


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The good
  • Great story
  • Beautiful city life graphics
  • Fun to play
  • Never gets old
  • Big online capability
The bad
  • Too much DLC content
  • Online version suffers from kid players
  • Game length
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