Steep was included in last months PS Plus free games list and I was really looking forward to playing a snowboarding game. SSX Tricky, the most legendary game of this type, came out 18 years ago… (does that make you feel old?). Although I have heard many rumours about EA working on a remastered version of the PS4 classic, but until then, we have Steep.

The game it self is good. It has great graphics and huge wipe outs, however, it’s missing the fun that SSX had. You can’t simply jump and grind (or pull off a double back flip from a small snowdrift) you have to be precise as you run up to a obstacle. Miss and it takes what feels like a lifetime to get back on your feet.

Steep is more than just a snowboarding game. It’s a snow covered open world that you can ski, para-glide or fly across in your wing suit at the touch of a button. Although there are predesignated courses and competitions to join, the fun really comes from picking a point on a hilltop and seeing where the slopes take you.

you have to be precise as you run up to a obstacle. Miss and it takes what feels like a lifetime to get back on your feet.

Graphically, the game looks fantastic. Huge snowy peaks reach into the heavens all around you and the snowy powder is carved away with every movement you make. If you are a fan of winter sports, this is a great game to keep you busy. However, if you are a casual gamer, it has little more to offer than a few quick thrills and impressive snow physics. The controls feel clunky at times, which can really be frustrating when you are trying to pull of that perfect grind.

Some players got to beta test a game coming soon called SNOW, which only received a 6/10 on Steam. Is the winter sports genre dead? Only time (and an SSX Trick Remake) will tell.

Value score removed due to free game at time of review.


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The good
  • Big Air Jumps

  • Stunning Graphics

  • Switch between game modes on the go

The bad
  • Takes a long time to revive character

  • Controls feel clumsy

  • It's so hard to grind

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  • OpenWorldWizard



    Great review. I was considering getting this game but didnt in the end, i should of. Last time i played a snowboard game was Snowboardkids on N64!

  • DocMedPot



    Scored ‘STEEP’ when it first came out, bought the ‘Season Pass’ with the promise of continued DLC and really enjoyed it until they released the ‘Winter Olympics’ add-on, part of my season pass? No you gotta pay us more. Then they came out with the X-Games add on, part of the season pass? No you gotta pay us more…🤬… I’m thankful it became a PS+ freebie so more could enjoy this Winter Wonderland but just don’t get pulled into the money grab this game seems to be…Caveat emptor⛷🏂💸