EA and Maxis’ premium and very well known franchise gets a ported PS4 version of their best selling game.  Released last year, The Sims 4 makes a very good transition on to console gaming.

At it’s release The Sims 4 does extremely well at recapturing the glory of its PC versions, and everything that is included in its previous releases comes to fruition with the ps4’s venture.  Endless building opportunities, landscaping, furniture placing, garden construction, life building and the impressive character creation.  The Sims has it all.

EA, despite their usual problems within the gaming industry, have managed to pull this one out without too many problems.

Along with the release has been a steady flow of add on content including – City Living, Seasons, Pets and furniture packs.  There is so much to choose from you can spend hours just rearranging furniture.  The more recent features include an overhaul on the sims daily lives, relationships and more importantly the emotions and consequences of such.  The emotions are fairly in depth too, doing something or acting in a certain way can cause a variety of emotions, embarrassment, guilt, sadness, joy, happiness, playfulness and more.

With the barrage of multiple choices comes the newer career options for sims including detective work, being a veterinarian, scientists and many more, giving you the chance to go to work with them and complete tasks in order to gain promotions.  EA, despite their usual problems within the gaming industry, have managed to pull this one out without too many problems.

Sims 4 Review

That being said there are only a few negative aspects of this game, loading times may suffer depending on the amount of data used for each save game, there are sometimes performance lags which take the fun out of the game, but nothing that really make you want to put your controller down certainly.

My only gripe is with price, the add ons can seem a little extortionate compared to what you actually get, but all on all its a very well made game, perfect for putting aside the usual tense shooters, open world, racing games and battle royale in favour of light entertainment that is not to taxing on the mind.  Perfect fun for all the family.

Sims 4 Review


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The good
  • Fun and original
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Long lasting value
  • Variation
The bad
  • Lagging performance
  • Slow loading times
  • High prices for DLC's
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