Ok, so this is my first review, as I’m pretty much a PS newbie. I played the Telltale Walking Dead games last year which I latched straight onto, but since drifted away to less exciting things.

Until Dawn PS4 Review


Queue January when my cousin, Felicity came round with some PS4 games for a hang out night (Pizza included, obligatory). “It’s not scary is it?” I asked. My boyfriend was away for the weekend, so I was aware that whatever I witnessed that night would watch me from the dark corners of my bedroom for the rest of the night when she left. “No”, she replied. The weird psychiatrist character is probably the scariest bit.

Let me put this on record. FELICITY IS A LIAR.

most of the characters annoyed me so much that, quite frankly, I could happily have let them all die

So it’s basically a teen-early twenties style creepy-scream-slashy-horror kind of game. It’s a story game, which is apparently what I’m drawn to, and you need to see how many of the characters you could keep alive until morning whilst their weekend in a creepy winter lodge goes awry. Maybe it’s because I’m past my twenties now that most of the characters annoyed me so much that, quite frankly, I could happily have let them all die, but the game would have been very short, so it pays to play along.

Honestly though? I really enjoyed this game. I thought the characters were well written, and really enjoyed exploring the different environments fit into the area; all quite contrasting together well, and all fitting into an interesting story which was still easy to follow, which for a beginner was really helpful, as well as fun.

Expect people and things to jump out in front of you when you’re not expecting it. Expect to die in a wonderful range of ways (unless you’re actually good and can keep your characters alive).

For a beginner it was also great on the controls. There were only a few times that I forgot which buttons I was pressing as I got used to them (I blame that alone for the deaths), otherwise it wasn’t too taxing and was about enjoying the ride and trying to make the right choices to save the characters.

Really good fun, great for beginners, and great if you’re into horror. Even if like me you’re not, the tension through the game makes for great edge-of-your-seat entertainment. I can’t recommend it enough.


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Overall rating

The good
  • Steady gameplay and time to absorb story
  • Great twists and turns in the storyline
  • Really engaging
  • Really enjoyable and nicely designed areas to explore
The bad
  • Some characters can be annoying!
  • Didn't feel long enough, though that may also be a good sign!
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  • IamAlice



    Loved this review! I’m not sure I’m brave enough to play it, specially with all the talk of jump scares, but you may just have twisted my arm!

    • OverTheRainbowHair



      Play it before it gets too dark! I’m such a wimp when it comes to anything scary, but it’s also really entertaining which offsets it 🙂